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The Making of The Magnificent Seven Reviewed in the Wall Street Journal!

“If not the most critically-admired western of all time, The Magnificent Seven can certainly lay claim to being the most loved,” writes Brian Hannan in his new book The Making of The Magnificent Seven: Behind the Scenes of the Pivotal Western. The story behind The Magnificent Seven could have been a movie in itself. It had everything—actors’ strike, writers’ strike, Mexican government interference and a row between the screenwriters that left one removing his name from the credits, all under the lingering gloom of post–McCarthy era Hollywood. A flop on release, it later became a box office hit.

In a review published this month in the Wall Street Journal, David A. Price notes that “Mr. Hannan’s research… is impressive,” calling the book “authoritative,” “exhaustive,” and “a story well told.” With Hollywood scheduled to release a remake of the movie next year, now is the time to read this behind-the-scenes look at the original!