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The Accidental Candidate on The Rachel Maddow Show

The Accidental Candidate is popping up unexpectedly–again.  On top of the praise offered by Slate scribe Dave Weigel, Rachel Maddow explains on her MSNBC show that she has a galley copy on her nightstand!  Here is the clip: (link temporarily removed).

About the book:

In 2010 a 32-year-old, socially awkward, unemployed African-American Army Veteran, who had been kicked out of the service and was living with his father in the South Carolina countryside while facing federal pornography changes, spent a significant portion of his life’s savings on the filing fee to run for U.S. Senate in the Democratic primary to challenge incumbent tea party kingmaker Jim Demint. Alvin Greene didn’t campaign, didn’t even have a website and no one knew who he was. Until he won.

“Long-form journalism meets sequential art in this startling and informative investigation of South Carolina politics. This is an important story that deserves wide reader attention”—Booklist

“I really like Blue Delliquanti’s open art and friendly figures…her faces are key to making the cast seem like real people…this graphic novel is a fun way to relive this oddity of political history.”—Comics Worth Reading