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TBT! McFarland author Heather Urbanski

11150536_10153216133551585_4968612151200992536_nWe’re looking back today…specifically, at the year 2007 when Heather Urbanski approached us with Plagues, Apocalypses and Bug-Eyed Monsters (“Impressive”—Film and History; “provocative”—Children’s Literature Association Quarterly; “insightful”—Science Fiction Studies); then at 2010 when Writing and the Digital Generation came down the pipeline (“Captured my heart and engaged my mind”—Science Fiction Studies), and then at 2013 when we received The Science Fiction Reboot.  Is the prolific Heather done?  Not even close.  Stay tuned for more great stuff on historical memory both in pop culture and in Post-Apocalyptic and Dystopian Fiction. 


(Here she is in April of 2015, receiving a special faculty award at the National Popular Culture meeting in NOLA.  Keep up the good work, Heather!)