Joining the Military


Reviews from the Series

  • Booklist Starred Review
  • “A wealth of military nonfiction exists for middle-grade readers, most of it geared toward kids with parents in the service. Fewer are the titles aimed at teens considering wearing the stripes themselves, and rarer still are those that are equal to books in the essential new Joining the Military series…the whole set is recommended…there’s little flash to be seen here, just page after page of insight. Authoritative, exhaustive, sober and indispensable”Booklist
  • “A good addition”ARBA
  • “Aims to make sure enlistees make the most informed and beneficial decision for them and their loved ones”—Reference & Research Book News

About the Series
These books are for the teenager or young adult who is interested in enlisting in the United States military. It will walk him or her through the enlistment and recruit training process: making the decision to join the military, talking to recruiters, getting qualified, preparing for and learning what to expect at basic recruit training.

1. Joining the United States Air Force
2. Joining the United States Army
3. Joining the United States Coast Guard
4. Joining the United States Marine Corps
5. Joining the United States Navy

The goal of the McFarland Joining the Military book series is to help young people who might be curious about serving in the military decide whether military service is right for them, which branch is the best fit, and whether they are qualified for and prepared for military service. Features include lists of books, web links, and videos; a glossary; and an index.

About the Author
Snow Wildsmith is a former teen librarian now working as a book reviewer and writer. She specializes in comics for teens and children, reviewing for Booklist, Good Comics for Kids, No Flying No Tights, and more. Co-author of The Parent’s Guide to the Best Kids’ Comics, Snow grew up in a military family and now lives in North Carolina.