Exposit Books, an Imprint of McFarland


Exposit Books is an imprint of McFarland.  Exposit’s initial offering, Finding Jacob Wetterling by Robert M. Dudley, was released for fall 2016. The book covered in detail the 1989 kidnapping, the 27-year investigation and its heartbreaking conclusion. The first full season of titles were set for a fall 2017 release, and likewise featured true crime topics.  In addition to homicide and serial killers, other topics covered include heists, robberies, abductions, kidnappings, missing persons, con artists, hoaxes, deceptions, organized crime and espionage.  Exposit will publish a wide range of titles, eventually including biographies and memoirs, and books about psychology, sexuality, and other topics.  For more information about Exposit Books, go to ExpositBooks.com.

Submitting Proposals to Exposit Books
Submissions from authors and literary agents are invited, and should be directed to Lisa Camp’s attention at [email protected].  For general guidelines for prospective authors, please refer to Exposit’s author resource center at ExpositBooks.com.