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Newly Published: The League That Didn’t Exist

New on our bookshelf today: The League that Didn’t Exist: A History of the All-American Football Conference, 1946-1949
Gary Webster

The All-American Football Conference was the only challenger to the NFL (except for the American Football League of the 1960s) to survive more than two seasons in competition with the established league. It ultimately failed to achieve its goal of a peaceful coexistence with the NFL and folded in 1949. Its Cleveland Browns and San Francisco 49ers, which were absorbed by the NFL in 1950, are still in business.

This book takes a brief look at all of the NFL’s challengers (and would-be challengers) from 1926 to 1945. It looks particularly at the All-American Conference, which overcame obstacles that proved too difficult for others and opened the 1946 season with teams on the East Coast, in the Midwest, on the West Coast, and in the deep South, making it a truly “All-American” enterprise. Each season and off-season is examined in detail.