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Newly Published: The Gijón International Chess Tournaments, 1944–1965

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The Gijón International Chess Tournaments, 1944–1965: A History with Biographies and 213 Games
Pedro Méndez Castedo and Luis Méndez Castedo

Focusing on the recovery of chess in Spain and Europe after World War II, this book traces the development of the International Chess Tournaments in Gijón from 1944 to 1965. The authors cover the decline of world champion Alekhine and the rise of the child prodigy Arturo Pomar, along with the great chess of Euwe, Rossolimo, Prins, Medina, Larsen and others.

Drawing on primary sources and testimonies of former players and organizers, chapters feature the tournament tables, winner’s biographies, historical commentaries and 213 games.
Appendices with biographical notes and tables of participants for each year are included.