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Newly Published: The Bowling Chronicles

New on our bookshelf today:

The Bowling Chronicles: Collected Writings of Dr. Jake
J.R. Schmidt

Millions of people bowl yet few know much about bowling’s rich history. For more than 25 years, J.R. “Dr. Jake” Schmidt has been recounting that history in Bowlers Journal International with vitality and detail. This collection of 90 of his classic articles presents portraits of Dick Weber, Don Carter, Marion Ladewig and other tenpin immortals. Great matches and tournaments are recalled, along with little-known and forgotten stories—the bowling ball that went around the world, the 300 game that took a week to complete, the symphony concert that featured a bowler rolling against pins on stage, the traveling hustler who passed himself off as a German nobleman, the baseball Hall of Famer who won a national bowling championship, and much more.