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Newly Published: So You Want to Direct TV

New on our bookshelf:

So You Want to Direct TV?: Sixteen Professionals Share Their Paths to Success
Jacob Pinger

Becoming a TV director is nothing like other professions. There is no road map. Traditionally, the only way to break in was through access to a powerful mentor to show you the way, but today creative people with a drive to direct are finding their own ways into the industry. In this book of interviews, working TV directors show you exactly how they did it. No two stories are exactly alike. These deeply personal interviews with a racially and culturally diverse range of eight women and eight men are candid and full of practical insights.

For the first time in the 100-plus year history of the entertainment industry there are increasing opportunities to rise into the director’s chair. This book reflects the hope and promise of a new era. Open the cover and discover the mentor you deserve.