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Newly Published: Rwandan Genocide on Film

New on our bookshelf today:

Rwandan Genocide on Film: Critical Essays and Interviews
Matthew Edwards

The Rwandan genocide was one of the most shameful events of the 20th century. Many Westerners’ understanding of it is based upon the Oscar-winning film Hotel Rwanda and the critically acclaimed Shooting Dogs. Yet how accurately do these films depict events in Rwanda in 1994?

Drawing on new scholarship, this collection of essays explores a variety of feature films and documentaries about the genocide to understand its expression in both Western and Rwandan cinema. Interviews with filmmakers are featured, including journalist Steve Bradshaw (BBC’s Panorama), director Nick Hughes (100 Days), director Lee Isaac Chung (Munyurangabo) and Rwandan filmmakers Eric Kabera and Kivu Ruhorahoza.