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Newly Published: Paul Auster and the Influence of Maurice Blanchot

New on our bookshelf today:

Paul Auster and the Influence of Maurice Blanchot
María Laura Arce

Poet, writer and filmmaker Paul Auster is one of the great contributors to American postmodern literature. Influenced by authors like Poe and the hardboiled detective stories of the 1950s, Auster’s novels represented a new genre of “anti-detective fiction,” in which the case itself loses direction and is overshadowed by existential questions. Analyzing three of his novels—Ghosts (1986), The Music of Chance (1990) and Mr. Vertigo (1994)—this critical study explores the intertextual relationship between Auster’s work and the oeuvre of French writer and critic Maurice Blanchot. The author explores Auster’s work as a fictionalization of Blanchot’s concept of inspiration and the construction of imaginary space.