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Newly Published: Murder Down Under

New on our bookshelf:

Murder Down Under: Notorious Australian Serial Killers
By Anthony Ferguson

Notorious, numerous and varied, serial murderers from Australia have an eclectic record of crimes, methods and trademarks. Scrutinizing these murderers at length, this book aims to identify characteristics exclusive to Australian serial killers, connecting the crimes with the continent’s geography, culture and social structure.

Featured are murderers like the “Granny Killer” John Wayne Glover, William “The Sydney Mutilator” McDonald and “Backpacker Killer” Ivan Milat. Also covered are well-known events like the Snowtown Murders and killer couples like David and Catherine Birnie. Unique in the true crime genre, this book studies fictional Australian murderer Mick Taylor to examine how pop culture portrayals develop the distinct psychology of killers from “down under.”