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Newly Published: Lost Souls of Horror and the Gothic

New on our bookshelf today:

Lost Souls of Horror and the Gothic: Fifty-Four Neglected Authors, Actors, Artists and Others
Edited by Elizabeth McCarthy and Bernice M. Murphy
Foreword by Sir Christopher Frayling

In recent years horror and gothic themes have penetrated mainstream popular culture in a manner unseen since the horror boom of the 1970s. Primetime television viewers who before might not have shown interest in such late-night fare now happily settle down after dinner to watch zombie or serial killer shows. This collection of 54 biographical essays examines many overlooked and underrated figures who have played a role in the ever expanding world of horror and gothic entertainment. The contributors push the boundaries of how we define these terms, bringing into the discussion such diverse figures as singer-songwriter Tom Waits, occultist Dion Fortune, author Charles Beaumont, historian and bishop Gregory of Tours and video game designer Shinji Mikami.