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Newly Published: Illustrated Dictionary of Automobile Body Styles, 2d ed.

New on our bookshelf today:

Illustrated Dictionary of Automobile Body Styles, 2d ed.
Lennart W. Haajanen
Illustrations by Bertil Nyden and Jorgen Persson; Foreword by Karl Ludvigsen

Cars today fit a fairly small number of body types—sedan, coupe, station wagon, SUV, hatchback and a few others. The meanings of these familiar terms have changed over the decades as automotive design has evolved. Along the way, a greater number of earlier body types have fallen out of use and become historical curiosities. Who today can identify a charabanc, a dos-à-dos or even a phaeton?

This expanded second edition defines all distinct body types since the early days of the automobile, many of which were derived from horse-drawn vehicles. Entries, many including clear line drawings, describe popular types and variations from different countries and time periods as well as terms for body components. Subtypes and subtle distinctions are explained and common misuses of terms and designations are clarified.