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New Releases for November 19: Rogue's Life, Wonder Women

A Rogue’s Life: R. Clay Crawford, Prison Escapee, Union Army Officer, Pretend Millionaire, Phony Physician and the Most Respected Man in Macon, Georgia by Lewis A. Lawson

This book reveals the life of R. Clay Crawford, his dreams, his schemes, his successes and his failures, as he launched himself into many of the most turbulent episodes of 19th century United States history. Like everyone, he was born with a family history, not just genetic but also cultural determinants; this book reveals the influences on his behavior inherited from his father and his grandfathers. He likewise passed on to his children a model, not just genetic but cultural. Even so, Clay Crawford’s story is not just a family affair. He was a “self-made man” living in an age when such was thought to be a national asset—and thus stands out as a warning that the worship of the “self-made man” may produce more rogues than Rockefellers.



The Ages of Wonder Woman: Essays on the Amazon Princess in Changing Times by Joseph J. Darowski

Created in 1941 by the psychologist William Marston, Wonder Woman would go on to have one of the longest continuous run of published comic book adventures in the history of the industry. More than 70 years after her debut, Wonder Woman remains a popular culture icon. Throughout the intervening years many comic book creators have had a hand in guiding her story, resulting in different interpretations of the Amazon Princess. But the changes in tone, theme or subject matter in Wonder Woman’s fictional adventures are the result not only of new creators. Wars, the feminist movement, politics and evolving social opinions and concerns can be seen influencing the stories found in Wonder Woman’s comic books.