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New Releases for June 25: Hymns, Irish Masculinity, Appomattox Generals, Frontier Lawman

Singing for Equality: Hymns in the American Antislavery and Indian Rights Movements, 1640–1855 by Cheryl C. Boots

Irish Masculinity on Screen: The Pugilists and Peacemakers of John Ford, Jim Sheridan and Paul Greengrass by Joseph Paul Moser

The Appomattox Generals: The Parallel Lives of Joshua L. Chamberlain, USA, and John B. Gordon, CSA, Commanders at the Surrender Ceremony of April 12, 1865 by John W. Primomo

The College of William and Mary in the Civil War by Sean M. Heuvel

Cipriano Baca, Frontier Lawman of New Mexico by Chuck Hornung