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New Releases for Dec 27: Best Movie Scenes, Railroads in Kansas

Best Movie Scenes: 549 Memorable Bank Robberies, Car Chases, Duels, Haircuts, Job Interviews, Swearing Scenes, Window Scenes and Others, by Topic, 2d ed. by Sanford Levine

When movie fans talk about their favorite films, they most often mention one or two particular scenes that they never tire of watching. This witty and engaging volume catalogs more than 500 of the most memorable scenes in movie history. Organized by theme, it recounts the best scenes featuring everything from accountants and adoption to whistling and windows. This diverting work proves to be an indispensable guide for anyone who has ever used a movie reference to illustrate a point or express their feelings.



Bucking the Railroads on the Kansas Frontier: The Struggle Over Land Claims by Homesteading Civil War Veterans, 1867–1876 by John N. Mack

To the settlers the railroads represented both a promise and a threat. By linking farmers and businessmen with eastern markets, the railroads guaranteed the prospects of economic gain. However, when they claimed rights to the land that settlers had already claimed, railroad monopolies were identified as a new manifestation of the same threat to republican values they had fought against in the recently concluded War. This book tells the story of the settlers’ opposition to and victory over railroads and the impact on the evolution of political thought in Kansas and the American west.