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McFarland Announces New Editor for Base Ball

McFarland is pleased to announce that Don Jensen is the new editor of Base Ball.  A longtime SABR member, Jensen is the author of The Timeline History of Baseball, as well as a number of articles on early baseball, including “A Base Ball Krank’s Guide to Madison Square,” from Base Ball‘s newest number, Volume 9.  He is a regular lecturer at the National Baseball Hall of Fame and recently received the Chairman’s Award from SABR’s Nineteenth Century Committee.

In addition to being a baseball historian, Jensen, a former diplomat, is a senior fellow at the Center for Transatlantic Relations, affiliated with Johns Hopkins University, and a senior adjunct fellow at the Center for European Policy Analysis.  He has published extensively on US-Russian relations and holds a PhD in government from Harvard.

Jensen will oversee Base Ball‘s transition from journal to annual book, a move intended to harness the publication to McFarland’s strengths—namely its book-oriented production expertise and sales-and-marketing experience—and expose contributor research to a broader audience.  The first volume in what is now a series picks up with number 10 and is scheduled for fall 2017, with pre-order availability by late spring or summer.

Jensen replaces John Thorn, who guided Base Ball through its first nine years and now becomes Founding Editor.   Thorn, who is also Major League  Baseball’s official historian, plans to remain actively involved as an advisor and sometime contributor.  

Stay tuned for more information on Volume 10