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GRAPHIC NOVEL: Great Zombies in History

In anticipation of the publication of Great Zombies in History, McFarland thought it would be interesting to get a little insight on creating the artwork in a graphic novel from one of the contributing artists, DaFu Yu.

Here is a preliminary sketch from the story “Immortal Resistance” written by Rob Anderson, as well as the finished drawing:

 DaFu describes how he gets from A to B: “My process starts with the script. As I am reading through it I make stick figures of each panel. Then I translate them into thumbnails for the writer, Rob Anderson. Once Rob approves the thumbnails I start on the actual page.

I work on 11”x17” Bristol board. I pencil with a Staedtler leader holder. I like 2H lead, is just light enough to see what you are drawing and it doesn’t smudge much so is easy to clean up. Then I finish off the page by inking with various Sakura Micron pens.”  Here is a photo of the artist at work:

More information about Great Zombies in History can be found in the McFarland online catalog.

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