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Fragments From Iraq Memoir

 Fragments From Iraq: Diary of a Navy Trauma Surgeon is a memoir of Dr. Zsolt Stockinger from February 2005 to March 2006 of his service on a forward operating base in Iraq’s Sunni Triangle.  His book takes on a very personal note as he describes his daily life during his deployment.  You can read this work either as an historical source of soldiers in the war or as a personal story of a man’s experience during wartime.


An excerpt:

Friday: TQ Day 101.

Up at the crack of 1030 today, then off for a run.  Afterwards, I check e-mail.  Not much exciting except that JAMA accepted my vignette on our first death here, without editing.  Don’t know when it will come out, though.

Our “Hump Day” bash is scheduled for tommorow afternoon, and I discovered that Eileen, who has decided that she wants to organize this thing, has not gotten any near-beer for the party.  Lots of soda, but near-beer is better if you want to have near fun.  There is plenty of soda at the chow hall, but near-beer you have to buy, and most of the juniors don’t want to spend the money for it.  So I get up a quick collection and I go buy four cases.

Apart from that, not much going on again today, either.  I guess the second half of the deployment will all be downhill…