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Celebrate Cider Monday at Your Favorite Independent Bookstore!

Toadstool BookshopIt’s Cider Monday!

Founded in 2013 by the Toadstool Bookshops of Keene, Milford and Peterborough, New Hampshire, Cider Monday is a laid-back, bookish alternative to the online “doorbuster” environment of Cyber Monday. Describing the first event, Toadstool said:

“Cider… made from squished micro soft apple products. Delicious! Stop in for a free cup, maybe a snack, see some real people and have a good time checking out what’s in our stores. It’s sure to be a heartwarming experience. We can promise no crashing websites, our ‘servers’ won’t be overloaded and we bet they will even smile at you!

“Cider Monday–soon to overshadow Cyber Monday as THE shopping event of the year. You read it here. If you have a store we hope you too will celebrate Cider Monday. If not, do stop in, and thanks for shopping locally.”

Since then, Cider Monday has spread to bookstores throughout New England (and elsewhere!). Changing Hands Bookstores in Tempe and Phoenix, Arizona, have even pushed the idea a step further with what may be the first ever Hard Cider Monday. Today, we encourage book lovers everywhere to step inside your favorite local bookstore, enjoy a cup of fresh apple cider, and pick up a good book.