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Five New Books Published Today!

New books released today:

Soap Operas Worldwide: Cultural and Serial Realities by Marilyn J. Matelski.

Rick Nelson, Rock ’n’ Roll Pioneer by Sheree Homer

The Sister Fidelma Mysteries: Essays on the Historical Novels of Peter Tremayne by Edward J. Rielly

Tris Speaker and the 1920 Indians: Tragedy to Glory by Gary Webster

Eurogames: The Design, Culture and Play of Modern European Board Games by Stewart Woods




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Fragments From Iraq Memoir

 Fragments From Iraq: Diary of a Navy Trauma Surgeon is a memoir of Dr. Zsolt Stockinger from February 2005 to March 2006 of his service on a forward operating base in Iraq’s Sunni Triangle.  His book takes on a very personal note as he describes his daily life during his deployment.  You can read this work either as an historical source of soldiers in the war or as a personal story of a man’s experience during wartime.


An excerpt:

Friday: TQ Day 101.

Up at the crack of 1030 today, then off for a run.  Afterwards, I check e-mail.  Not much exciting except that JAMA accepted my vignette on our first death here, without editing.  Don’t know when it will come out, though.

Our “Hump Day” bash is scheduled for tommorow afternoon, and I discovered that Eileen, who has decided that she wants to organize this thing, has not gotten any near-beer for the party.  Lots of soda, but near-beer is better if you want to have near fun.  There is plenty of soda at the chow hall, but near-beer you have to buy, and most of the juniors don’t want to spend the money for it.  So I get up a quick collection and I go buy four cases.

Apart from that, not much going on again today, either.  I guess the second half of the deployment will all be downhill…

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Newly Published Book for July 30

The second edition of Sharon Barcan Elswit’s The Jewish Story Finder: A Guide to 668 Tales Listing Subjects and Sources is now available.

Reviews of the first edition: “a thoughtful, beautifully executed piece of work and a welcome addition to the field of Jewish children’s literature…a handy reference tool…carefully-prepared guide”—AJL Newsletter; “the book that Jewish librarians, teachers, and storytellers have been waiting for has finally arrived, fulfilling almost all of our high expectations…marvelous source…highly recommended”—Jewish Book World; “a very useful source…suitable for multicultural programs… a good addition”—ARBA.

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McF Graphic Novels: Horrors

 McFarland has brought its 33 years of publishing experience to the graphic format. To browse them all, both nonfiction and fiction, see the McFarland Graphic Novels webpage. If you are an author or artist interested in submitting a book proposal, guidelines are offered on the McFarland Graphic Novels webpage.

Another of McFarland’s graphic novels, Horrors, a series about some of the horror genre’s best authors and their own monsters.

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Daily Deal: 20% off Cerebus the Barbarian Messiah

 Introducing new Daily Deals: every weekday, McFarland will offer one title at 20% off the list price. Check back every day, like us on Facebook or follow us on Twitter for updates about the Daily Deal!


On July 9, get 20% off Cerebus the Barbarian Messiah when you enter the coupon code CEREBUS.  This discount will be applied in the shopping cart prior to checkout.

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Daily Deal: 20% off Classics Illustrated

Introducing new Daily Deals: every weekday, McFarland will offer one title at 20% off the list price.  Check back every day, like us on Facebook or follow us on Twitter for updates about the Daily Deal!

On June 21, get 20% off Classics Illustrated when you enter the coupon code CLASSICS.  The discount will be applied in the shopping cart prior to checkout.

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Two more new books published.

Two new books in, Ancient Symbology in Fantasy Literature and The Politics of Authenticity in Presidential Campaigns, 1976-2008.  Ancient Symbology covers modern books and comics like Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings use ancient symbology.  Politics of Authenticity presents the presidents from 1976 to 2008 and their campaigns to meet the American people on a personal level, “as one of us.”


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Newly Published Books

Haig Bosmajian’s Burning Books and Donald Dewey’s Ray Arcel are two newly published books this week.  Burning Books gives a 2000 year history of the practice of burning subversive and heretical books.  Ray Arcel is a boxing biography telling of the life and travels of Ray Arcel, a boy from Indiana that moved to NYC and became a prominent name in boxing.

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Dead on a High Hill

Another recently published book is Dead on a High Hill, Essays on War, Literature and Living by W.D. Ehrhart.  This collection of essays ranges from Vietnam War policies, and Korean and Iraq war experiences to mountain gorillas in Rwanda and teaching poetry to teenagers.  The book is a very smooth read from cover to cover, continuing easily from essay to essay.

Amy Vedder with gorilla