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…But If a Zombie Apocalypse Did Occur

Ever watch The Walking Dead and imagine yourself in the shoes of Rick, Daryl, Carol or Glenn? Would you be a swarthy, revolver-toting, reluctant leader? A loner with a heart of gold, handy with antiquated weaponry? What about a professor, a student, or, better yet, a reader whose primary interest – second only to survival, of course – is making sense of your new, post-apocalyptic world?

A new McFarland book imagines this real-world zombie apocalypse from multiple academic perspectives. With topics ranging from the rise of the zombie in popular culture to the U.S. Army’s response to a zombie invasion, the neurobiology of the zombie and the psychology of surviving the zombie apocalypse (and so many more!), essays bring the zombie apocalypse to life, placing it in the context of other disasters and studying its effects and the responses it elicits. Throw a copy in your bug-out bag – you’ll have a companion on those long, lonely post-humanity nights, and you’ll be able to educate your fellow survivors too!

But If a Zombie Apocalypse Did Occur is the latest in McFarland’s Contributions to Zombie Studies series. Check them out!