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Shock Theatre Chicago Style

Shock Theatre Chicago Style: WBKB-TV’s Late Night Horror Showcase, 1957–1959 by Donald F. Glut was covered recently in and

“In tackling his subject both to tell its history and serve as a remarkably thorough episode guide, Glut kills the proverbial two birds. Rather than chopping the paperback into distinct halves, he smartly uses his week-by-week structure to weave in the complete story of the weekend showcase of Universal horror films and the demented genius hosting it, Marvin, aka family man, puppeteer and all-around good guy Terry Bennett”—Red Lott,

“Glut is able to transport readers back in time over 50 years to that fateful night in 1957 when Marvin hit the airwaves.  Glut’s memory is so sharp and vivid that you can picture yourself sitting up close to that black & white TV as Marvin opens the show by descending the cellar stairs to welcome the viewers.”—Tim Johnson,