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New Book Series about the Whedonverses

978-0-7864-5858-5We’re excited to announce a new book series on the Whedonverses (official title to be determined).

McFarland seeks proposals for book-length works to be published as part of a new series about the works of Joss Whedon, to be edited by Sherry Ginn. We welcome new perspectives on old favorites as well as explorations of Whedon’s less recognized work.

Proposals should include a detailed outline, a tentative table of contents, draft introduction and sample chapter. Also useful at this stage would be a length estimate (75,000-word to 100,000-word projects are preferred), comments on special elements (such as artwork or photos), and a resume or curriculum vitae.

Please send proposals to:
Sherry Ginn

For general guidelines for prospective authors, please refer to McFarland’s author resource center. For questions not covered there, please contact Natalie Foreman.