Ethics and Culture

Ethics and Culture is a peer-reviewed book series of interest to both academics and non-academics.  Social upheaval, political rancor, and cultural battles over values can be found in every community on a variety of subjects.  As humanity tries to work through this turmoil, reflecting on the differences and disagreements between individuals, tribes, and larger overlapping cultural communities is one component to surviving the turmoil. This reflection may also provide new and better questions, radical yet sound solutions, to the root causes of the turmoil.

Submitting Proposals for the Series

McFarland is seeking submissions for book-length manuscripts and edited volumes of new and original material in any area where scholarly debate intersects with cultural concerns. The topics, themes, and problems McFarland is interested in are open-ended. Examples of moral and ethical debates include but are not limited to the following:  healthcare, science, genetic enhancement, free speech, journalism, literary genre, sports, gaming, politics, business, performing arts, immigration, technology, disability, environment, urban space, law enforcement, protest, and
popular culture. The books should contain new, original material and explore various areas where scholarly debates intersect with cultural concerns.

Please send proposals to the series editor James M. Okapal at

For general guidelines for prospective authors, please refer to McFarland’s author resource center. For questions not covered there, please contact Gary Mitchem.

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