Dogs in Our World

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Dogs in Our World is a scholarly book series devoted to the exploration of the unique relationship between dogs and humankind in history, society and culture.

Submitting Proposals for the Series

McFarland seeks proposals for book-length works to be submitted to series editor Brian Patrick Duggan.

A wide range of topics are welcome, including historical breed profiles, studies on contemporary issues (such as dogs in the military), the use of dogs in therapeutic capacities, and the roles of dogs in everyday life.

Each query should provide a thorough description of the project focusing on its unique qualities, relevance, and intended audience, and should also include a proposed outline and a brief summary of the presence or absence of similar books on the topic.

Full proposals should also include an annotated outline, draft introduction, sample chapter, length estimate (70,000-word to 100,000-word projects are preferred), comments on special elements (such as artwork or photos), and a resume or curriculum vitae.

Please send proposals to:

Brian Patrick Duggan
11101 Early Dawn Rd.
Turlock, CA 95380-9614

For general guidelines for prospective authors, please refer to McFarland’s author resource center. For questions not covered there, please contact Natalie Foreman.