Pre-Publication Promotional Blurbs

Blurbs are brief endorsements from well-known authors, experts in your field or celebrities with some connection to the subject of your book. McFarland often includes them, when available, in our online listing and (in shortened form) on the back cover of the book.

You are under no obligation to collect blurbs; in fact we do not especially encourage them. Although they can lend a degree of prestige, working as part of an overall effort to influence perception of your book, in our market they rarely if ever affect sales. Please base a decision to pursue blurbs only on your personal preference and goals.

Persons you contact for an endorsement must understand the following:

  • Their blurbs may ultimately not appear on the book or website (depending on appropriateness, space availability, time of arrival and other factors).
  • We may cut the blurbs to fit available space.
  • We may lightly edit the blurbs (usually to correct style or grammar, or to shorten the text without use of ellipses or brackets).
  • We can run only a very brief identification of the writer (so, pick the single most notable fact; don’t supply the equivalent of a condensed CV).
  • The writer must supply permission in order for us to use any blurb.
  • We can accept no more than three blurbs for a book. Each blurb should be between 15 and 35 words long.

Each blurb should be written to succinctly praise the book. It should not waste words explaining the subject matter or making oblique comments. If you supply more than one blurb, please ensure that they are quite different; repetitiousness is a serious problem.

For a blurb to have a beneficial effect, it must be written by someone whose opinion carries weight with your likely readers. We strongly advise that you limit your circle of possible blurb writers to well-known authorities in your field, public figures whose expertise relates to your subject matter, and authors of influential works in your area of study.

We very much want to receive all blurbs for your book, and the writers’ permissions, together at one time, no later than the point when you return page proofs. Any blurb that is not received, with permission, by that time is unlikely to appear on the back cover of the book, though we may be able to add it to your book’s listing in our online catalog. Send your blurb materials to the attention of Kristal Hamby, preferably by email directly to

A permission form for blurbs can be copied and pasted from below or downloaded as a document from our website here. Please have your blurb writers paste its text into an email to you containing the blurb itself, or sign a hardcopy if they are submitting a blurb to you by regular mail. Collect the blurbs and permissions and send them all to us at one time. It is not absolutely necessary that you use this exact form, but we do need written permission with assurance that the blurb writer understands the numbered items shown in the form.

Thank you for your help in streamlining this process for efficient and accurate handling of all blurbs at our end.

Permission for Promotional Endorsement

Please return to author by pasting the following text into an email, with the blurb itself, sent from your own email address (or as a signed hard copy).

______________________________________ [author’s name] owns the promotional endorsement (or blurb) that I have written for his/her book to be published by McFarland & Company, Inc., Publishers. I approve its use in or on all editions of this book (including ebook), and in any promotional listings or ads for the book.

I understand the following: (1) My blurb may ultimately not appear on the book or website (depending on space availability, time of arrival at the publisher and other factors); (2) McFarland may cut the blurb to fit available space; (3) McFarland may lightly edit the blurbs as it deems necessary; (4) My blurb will not be used unless I supply this permission form or an equivalent.